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Nov 1, 2013 1:40am PDT
obama care implementation. 14% say it has gone well and the law benefitted them. nearly a quarter of americans say the affordable care act has caused them harm. many cite higher costs. abc news, washington. >>> all right. another bombshell from washington. the report the obama campaign considered switching joe biden for hillary clinton in the last election. top presidential aides deny this report but bill daly said he considered making a change. ultimately decided it would not help the ticket. >>> the new york city police department controversial stop and frisk policy can stay in place for a little while. the federal appeals court blocked the ruling it discriminates against minorities. saying the lower court judge failed to appeal impartial. a new judge has been appointed and stop and frisk can proceed while the city fights to keep the practice. >>> fascinating details about a drug tunnel found under the u.s. and mexico border. the 600-yard tunnel was equipped with lighting, vents and electrical rail system. authorities seized more than eight tons of pot and over 320 pounds of coc
Oct 28, 2013 3:00am PDT
suspension of the law to allow people to review this process. i'm pleased that so many democrats are joining me now in saying, yes, indeed. >> we are looking for quick answers so that we can, on behalf of the american people, straighten out as much as can be straightened out that is above the water which is the website. >> secretary sebelius is set to finally face the music about the botched website rollout before a house committee. that's going to happen on wednesday. >>> in other news, oklahoma authorities are looking for four men who escaped from jail yesterday. officials didn't even realize they had escaped until someone reported four men outside of the jail in orange jumpsuits. now, a head count later confirmed that the men, were, in fact, missing. the escapees apparently opened a trap door above the shower and then crawled out. three had been sentenced on drug charges, the fourth was awaiting trial on a gun charge. >>> a funeral mass is scheduled today for the boston area schoolteacher who was found murdered last week. hundreds of mourners gathered yesterday to remember colleen
Oct 31, 2013 1:40am PDT
in new york city. a new law will raise the minimum age to buy cigarettes from 18 to 21. new york will be the largest city to crack down on cigarette sales to 19 and 20-year-olds. it was a personal victory to the council member who presented this. his mother and father died of cancer. >> i'm not a fan of smoking. it's bad for you and kills you. if you can carry an m-16 and go to a war overseas and lose your life, you can't light up a cigarette? >> i need to understand what the mindset is. why are we now dictating, you know, if you are of age to do so many other things -- >> yeah, like die. >> exactly. like die while you're fighting for your country, why can't you light up a cigarette? by the way, no sales for cigarettes, no coupons, no promotional sales. and the minimum cost for a pack of cigarettes or small cigars is $10.50. it was already astronomical. >> wow. >> there you have it. no longer relegated to the smoking section. now there's a whole lot more. >>> let's talk about a woman in san diego who was slapped for getting behind the wheel with a hands free device. she was cited for
Oct 30, 2013 1:40am PDT
not spy on anyone except for valid foreign intelligence purposes and only work within the law. >> reporter: abc news has confirmed reports u.s. intelligence has listened in on the phone conversations of the leaders of 35 american allies. reports that drew sharp criticism from top members of congress in both parties. >> the reports are very disturbing. friends don't spy on friends. >> reporter: or do we? is spying on friends still going on? >> is the united states now listening in on the phone conversations of friendly presidents and prime ministers? >> john, i'm not going to get in to discussions of specific activities, intelligence gathering activities. >> we are listening in to the conversations of friendly heads of state. >> again i'm not going to talk about specific or alleged or reported intelligence gathering operations. >> reporter: the head of the nsa warned that new limits on u.s. espionage could be dangerous. >> is much more important for this country that we defend this nation and take the beatings than to give up on a program that would result in this nation being
Nov 5, 2013 1:40am PST
brick wall to rescue the student. he suffered several broken bones. >>> a law that would ban work place discrimination has cleared a major hurdle in the senate. seven republicans joined democrats in supporting the measure including illinois republican mark kirk. he defended the bill in what was his first address to the senate since suffering a stroke two years ago. >> i think it is appropriate for an illinois republican to speak on behalf of this measure in the true tradition of everett mckinley dirksen and abraham lincoln. >> the bill has little chance of clearing the house. a spokesman for john boehner said it would lead to frivolous litigation and cost jobs. in the meantime, it's legal to fire someone because they are gay in most states. >>> all right. let's look at your weather. snow from the rockies moving to the twin cities and upper midwest by day's end. rain falling across the center of the country from texas to michigan. rain and snow showers in the pacific northwest and warm up in the east. >> denver will be 39 degrees. 70 in l.a. 51 seattle. 54 new york. atlanta coming in at
Oct 29, 2013 1:40am PDT
has struck down a major part of the state's restrictive new abortion law. advocates say a provision requiring doctors to have admitting privileges at a hospital less than 30 miles away would have shuttered about 1/3 of the state's abortion clinic. >> women across the state would have been immediately and directly impacted. we have vast communities in parts of the state that would have no longer had access to these services. >> texas attorney general greg abbott has filed an appeal of the ruling. in a case which will likely end up before the supreme court. >>> consumer alert. if you plan to travel this thanksgiving, you might want to buy your airplane tickets now. the air fares are on the rise. prices for the most convenient flights have soared 10% in the past two weeks. they're still going up. experts say it's not too late to find a bargain and suggest comparing prices and looking at a variety of airlines. >>> filling up your gas tank is costing less. the average price of gas nationwide, $3.29. down about seven cents from a week ago. gas is 27 cents a gallon cheaper than it was this
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6